Dusty Thompson

Lead Pastor
Redeemer Church


For almost 12 years, Redeemer has been seeking to be a Gospel-Centered Missional Family of Disciples Making Disciples.  The Full Council of Elders and our Redeemer staff pray fervently that this statement will inform all we do and how we live our lives.  The Lord’s kindness has allowed us to see people come to know Jesus, lives changed, brokenness restored, and people sent out to make the name of Jesus known.  This is not of our own doing, and we are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to be a part of it.

This Fall we are moving into a defining season for our church, one we are calling the Worth It Initiative.  You might be asking yourself how we got here.  As it became apparent that the 20/20 Vision would be fulfilled, our elders began asking the Lord what He has for us in this next season of Redeemer.  We’ll be sharing details about the Worth It Initiative in the coming weeks, but our biggest prayer throughout the entire initiative is that every adult, child, and student that walks through our doors would have the opportunity to hear and reflect on what it means to consider that Jesus really is Worth It all.

Our primary goal is 100% engagement.  However the Lord leads you as an individual or along with your family, we are praying that you will be “all in” with us on this journey.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing at Redeemer, both near and far.

As we embark on this initiative together, I encourage you to evaluate what the Lord may be seeking to teach you in this season through His Word and teachings.  May the Lord stretch you and strengthen you as you navigate what it means to count it all Worth It.

Grateful to be your pastor,